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Conference on UV LEDs
Berlin, Germany
Apr 22-25

San Jose, CA, USA
Jun 26 - 28
Welcome to MSG Lithoglas GmbH

Micro-Structured, Additive Glass-Layers for Reliable and Outperforming Applications in Consumer, Medical, Automotive and Defense

Lithoglas designs, manufactures and markets wafer-level components of high optical quality on the basis of our structurable low-temperature glass deposition technology, which is available as a subcontractor service. We address growth markets like passivation or encapsulation of electronic components and semiconductors, automotive MEMS, MOEMS or Bio-MEMS.

Lithoglas‘ patented unique glass technology offers highly hermetic and reliable structured glass coatings at high deposition rates.

Certified according to ISO 9001:2008 quality is a fundamental element of our company`s philosophy.


Lithoglas contributes to the:

International Conference on UV LED Technologies & Applications
in April in Berlin, Germany

Our contribution: Miniaturized Hermetic Reflector Cavity Packaging for UV LEDs