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Applications - Lithoglas for Anodic Bond

Lithoglas micro-structured substrates
Lithoglas micro-structred glass films are usable as interface layers for the highly stable joining of substrates by anodic bonding. They can be deposited on various substrates to achieve hermetic cavities, channels or other structures.

Hermetic encapsulation

» Anodic bonding of Lithoglas glass structures
   allows permanent joining of materials
» hermetic cavities or channels feasible

Improved material compatiblity

„make any substrate anodically bondable“
» e.g. bonding of quartz, alkaline free glass,
   silicon to silicon
» alignment features / structures optional

Anodic bond service

» anodically bonded stacks acc. to your request
» different materials and sizes feasible

» more information in our Downloads section