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Applications / Products

>> substrates for WLCSP (Wafer Level Chip Size Package)

replacement of polymer dams used in wafer-level chip size packages

e.g. for CMOS image sensors

>> structured passivations

hermetic optical transparent sealing of surfaces against environmental, chemical or mechanical impacts

e.g. for windowless packages of highly reliable devices for automotive and defense, optical components, power devices

>> Lithoglas for anodic bond

Lithoglas anodically bondable substrates or interface layers

e.g. for hermetic cavities / channels / structures or for making other materials fit for the anodic bond process

>> wafer-level-capping

encapsulation of the active area of the devices with bonded cavity glass caps

e.g. for image sensors, photo detectors, MEMS

>> functional layers

employing the temperature and long-term stable material properties of the deposited glass layers

e.g. power transistors, HF components, SAW filters, integrated passives, DOE

>> micro fluidics, Bio-MEMS

moisture and temperature stable surfaces, cavity structures and channels in glass

e.g. medical surfaces and electronics, lab-on-chip

>> and many more...