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Conference on UV LEDs
Berlin, Germany
Apr 22-25

San Jose, CA, USA
Jun 26 - 28
Symposium on Design, Test, Integration and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS


Hesperia Sevilla Hotel, Seville, Spain
5. - 7. May 2010
Further information can be found on the symposium homepage


Hermetic BSG thin film coatings for Harsh Environment Applications

Abstract - The use of a plasma-assisted e-beam evaporation process enables a cost-efficient exploitation of the outstanding material properties of borosilicate glass – a chemically very inert material with minimal moisture absorption, excellent optical properties and excellent time and temperature stability. This paper gives further insight on the deposition and structuring of borosilicate glass films and the achievable film properties as well as feasible applications.

Wafer-Level Glass Capping with Optical Integration

Abstract - A previously described wafer-level packaging (WLP) process allows quasi-hermetic capping of optical devices on wafer level yielding miniaturized glass cavity windows on top of the optical area - at the same time leaving the contact area accessible for standard electrical connections i.e. wire bond. This paper will focus on advancements in integrating coatings, apertures and three-dimensional lens- structures to achieve a functional integration of a packaging technology with optical qualities. The elevated requirements on the used technologies are discussed and shown on a manufactured demonstrator.