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Conference on UV LEDs
Berlin, Germany
Apr 22-25

San Jose, CA, USA
Jun 26 - 28
3rd Electronics System Integration Technology Conference


Maritim pro Arte, Berlin, Germany
13. - 16. Sept. 2010
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Anodic Bonding at Low Voltage using Microstructured Borosilicate Glass Thin-Films

Abstract - The use of borosilicate glass for anodic wafer bonding to silicon is well established in industry. In this paper we present a matured approach, where a microstructured borosilicate glass thin-film instead of a bulk glass wafer is used as anodic bond layer. A glass layer with a thickness of 3 – 5 µm is sufficient for a stable bond at very mo­derate bond parameters with bond voltages in the range of 30 – 60 V at standard bond temperatures of around 300 °C and below. This enables the use of anodic bonding also for sensitive devices.

Novel Hermetic and Low Cost Glass-Capping Technology for Wafer-Level-Packaging of Optical Devices

Abstract - The novel wafer-level packaging (WLP) process invented allows hermetic capping of optical devices on wafer-level yielding miniaturized glass cavity windows on top of the optical area, at the same time leaving the contact area accessible for standard electrical connections i.e. wire bond. These optical cavity packages are used within standard chip-on-board (COB) assemblies for high performance optical applications providing high yields and utmost reliability for miniaturized optical devices at low costs.