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Conference on UV LEDs
Berlin, Germany
Apr 22-25

San Jose, CA, USA
Jun 26 - 28


Biltmore Hotel & Suites, 2151 Laurelwood Road, Santa Clara, CA 95054
02.-03. August, 2017
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Invited Presentation:
MEMS bonding techniques: emerging trends and processes

R. Abdallah, MSG Lithoglas GmbH

Abstract - Some wafer bonding techniques have received increasing attention in many sectors of the semiconductor industry in the last few years. Whether for 3D integration, wafer-level capping, or MEMS, wafer bonding has become a key factor in ensuring the reliability and long-term stability of electronic systems. For example, anodic bonding of silicon to glass wafers is a well-established method in MEMS fabrication and provided high quality hermetic seals. However, under relatively harsh processing conditions (temperatures around 400°C and typical voltages of 600-1000V) which have restricted the use of this method. As a result, there has been a trend of adopting alternative bonding techniques and packaging materials, which meet the requirements of modern electronic systems. This talk will provide an overview of the current and emerging bonding techniques for MEMS devices. This talk will also discuss the pros and cons of emerging MEMS manufacturing processes such as modified anodic bonding based on evaporated thin-film borosilicate glass, as well as new trends in using direct bonding and metal bonding as methods for MEMS capping.